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10 tips for Open Wounds & Megacolon - Cat

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I’m a cat lover, I have three cats Felix, Che, and Puffy.

I lost my beloved Tediki in May 2016.

Our little one Puffy is born on October 18, 2020. She had megacolon disease when my neighbor handled her to me saying:

This kitten isn’t even eating wet food. You can understand what is wrong with her.

We were in our summer house in Kas, Antalya, lots of kitten and big cats around.

But I remember her mother bringing Puffy to our terrace. I think she knew that Puffy is sick to death and I can save her.

I first thought it is just cold and lack of nutrition. First reaction was to feed her with wet food.

She was very funny. She was walking like ladies with high heels. She had no balance and no pooping.

And I thought to look at her anus.

Well worst view ever I saw in a cat. Her anus was like open wound infected. Now it was clear Puffy is sick.

I rushed to vet with her.

After a quick examination, and an x-ray my vet said:

She has megacolon disease, unless operated she will die.

I didn’t want to her “d” word. So sad. Puffy was only 500 gr tiny.

I went to three different vets, all advised operation.

Puffy can't walk straight, she can't bare the anesthesia and the 10-day long recovery period the vets are stating as important than actual operation.

I worked at a hospital, so I know anesthesia affects and what does recovery at intensive care means.

I read a lot, searched a lot, and understood that without operation it is too risky, but no vet promises 100% recovery with operation so the chase to rebound is high.

Here are 10 tips to make your cat survive from megacolon and start to poop normal:

1- Clean Water Everyday

2- Wet Food, you can start with Royal Canin, Digest Sensitive . Try to feed your cat with Digest Sensitive as long as you can. If you have budget issues, you can give Whiskas wet food Chicken and Poultry is better. Fish can be problematic.

3- Dry Food, after your cat starts to poop normally, you can give Proplan Delicate Optidigest

4- For the open wound, mix three creams Bepanthen Plus , Furicin 0,2%, Fito Cream and apply just to cover, repeat 3 times daily. Wait till the creams are absorbed by skin. Keep your cat from licking the creams.

Bepanthen® Plus Wound Healing Cream is a colorless antiseptic cooling cream. Applied to superficial wounds, it prevents or combats infection and promotes healing.

Furicin - Nitrofurazone is used to treat burns that have become infected.

Fito Cream is a processor for the deep internal cracks

5- For the wound: St. John’s wort oil (I used this oil after wound is cured 90%)

6- Duphalac lactulose

Please check with vet for the advised drugs and food. The vets are the real knowledge sources looking after our little ones.

After fighting for one year, every day. Here is Puffy today:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions: or from my website

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