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Am I highbrow or lowbrow? What you think?

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Do you know the tiny line between being highbrow and lowbrow? I’m a good hopscotcher on this subject. You can see me writing an article about literature history and two seconds later if you ask me the alphabet, I cannot find which letter follows the other.

I love myself. I lol to myself than anybody else. There are several good examples I will tell you in my blog. No shame!

The proof that I’m highbrow is easy to tell, I was a good student, good exam results, being chosen as a leader to international projects. Well, this part is no fun. Let’s jump to funny part.

I’m a petit person. I have been the shortest person in all groups I have attended. Sometimes I see picture of nice ladies and men and dream that reincarnation will work for me for the second time, maybe it is better to say next time.

Anyway, I’m small and my first car was a Fiat Uno. It was parliament blue metallic with a spoiler wing, and an Alpine car CD changer. This was my first year after graduated from Bogazici University working as a logistics and purchase specialist in a manufacturing company in medical sector. So, all set. I’m born and raised in Istanbul for you to picture me better.

I was driving the car with a great joy. I passed trembling knees period quite fast.

I was happy till somebody told me that they can’t see me in the car while I was driving towards them. I remember the day as yesterday. Sad and true. Reality.

One day I went to Atatürk International Airport to pick up my colleagues. I, by a mistake, parked in taxi lane. I was sitting in the car trying to reach them, I knew parking in front of the door is tricky, but I was not aware I was in the taxi lane.

Then I saw a policeman really running towards me. I felt he was excited, rather angry but why?

I was looking at my mobile. I blinked and the policeman was shooting from my side window. I opened the window still paying attention to my mobile.

Here is the exact conversation between me and the unfortunate policeman:

Where did you get your license?

A very direct question. Never ask me such a question while my mind is busy with something totally else.

My answer:

Pendik – a district in Istanbul

I was surprised why the policeman was asking the district of my driving license. Meaningless for me so I was curious. Curious and lowbrow?

The policeman was more excited and angrier.

Picture a little boy playing hopscotch. He was jumping like one.

I am not asking that you are in taxi lane.

Coin dropped. Not the bitcoin lol

Just wait, my colleague will come out in a second. Just wait.

Well, I saw the question marks on his face. He was a policeman and who I was to talk to him like that.

He had no chance but walk away.

Thank you for reading.

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