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Bourdain - please come back!

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Bourdain is a talented chef for the rest of the world but for me he is a close friend.

Don’t misunderstand I didn’t meet him at all.

I know him from his tv series No Reservations, Parts Unknown, The Taste, and Top Chef.

Bourdain & Obama in Vietnam

Bourdain is unhappy, I can feel him unhappy in his present being. Whatever it is.

When high I meet high E and forms IQ + EQ, the end result is questioning mind, hectic relationships.

From his book Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook

I did not want for love or attention. My parents loved me. Neither of them drank to excess. Nobody beat me. God was never mentioned so I was annoyed by neither church nor any notion of sin or damnation.

Many people were questioning Bourdain. They were asking questions to him; the questions were not bothering him at all. He was so bothered with the answers coming after them. He hated the table d'hote.

So, he wrote the above sentences making fun of the psychoanalysis. It was not the childhood, neglect of the parents, abuse, or lack of love.

It was something else.

It was definitely something else.

It was somewhere else.

Here is a poem from Turkish poet Orhan Veli Kanık – I Can’t Tell. Please listen this poem vocalized by Müsfik Kenter, the actor. You will love his voice.

I’m dedicating this beauty to the handsome beautiful grumpy man.

RIP Bourdain!


I Can’t Tell

If I cry, can you hear my voice,

In my lines;

Can you touch,

My tears, with your hands?

I didn’t know that songs were this beautiful,

Whereas words were this insufficient

Before I had this trouble.

There is a place, I know;

It is possible to say everything;

I am pretty close, I can feel;

I can’t tell.


Theme Song of Post: Anlatamıyorum Poem by Orhan Veli Kanık vocalized by Müsfik Kenter

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