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burcutediki in nutshell

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I live in Istanbul, where I was born and raised and this city is my great love.

My second love is Bosphorus University, I'm a graduate of Turkish Language and Literature. Later on, I attended MBA in Okan University. My base at Anatolian High School, speaking English since I was 11 years old, makes the intellectual literature close to me.

My third love is my cat Tediki, who had been with me for 13.5 years. She was a tabby. RIP Tediki.

Now Felix, Che, and Puffy is with me. You will hear about them lots in my posts.

I continue my life with all my perceptions clearly, being a sign of twins. -I wink at my astrology posts here- I do not approach different subjects with the same hunger, I’m an enthusiastic learner, and do not grasp them quickly it helps. And I love it when he tells me all this. Writing is also a distinct taste, so I’m writing contents.

Traveling to different places, living in cultures is one of my life sources, I have seen 22 countries up today. My favorite city is Barcelona. My passion for gothic cathedrals has connected me wholeheartedly to La Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

Reading is a must in my life. I always have to have a book in my bag. I feel incomplete without him. I don't have much to do with the story, and novels and poetry are the genres I like . During my 3 years as president of the University Literary Club, I was editor of literary journals Yazınca and Siir Ertesi including poetry and different genres. With the presence of a printing press within the school, I had the chance to be in the kitchen of the business. After graduating, I wrote novel and story reviews in Varlık and Esik Cini literary journals.

My 22 years of business in the health sector have given me a concrete view of the project, which begins with problem solving, dealing with challenges and, most importantly, an offer on paper, while meeting new people. It gave me a chance to see it turn into a hospital building. It's a pleasure to touch what you're doing.

I can knit with a family talent, cook with internet-supported recipes.

Again, with a love from the family, I know where to eat and what to eat.

Thank you for reading.

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