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Carry Your Business to CoWorking Space

Are you having difficulties to decide? Do it.

The Three Compartment Technique© is so applicable to your business at CoWorking Space

7 pros - 7 cons - 7 Opportunities

The Three Compartment Technique©





Unprofessional Office Address




Time Management


Lack of Customization


​Private & Shared Offices

Shared Connections


Work-Life Balance

​Lack of Exclusivity

Space Management


Shared Offices


Networking & Collaboration

Customer Service


You know the pros and cons but how about opportunities?

Let’s start with the Pros to clear the path to Cons turning into Opportunities.




You are a Business Owner, and you must think and produce more than others to keep the machine function.

CoWorking Spaces are a well-organized, utilized and furbished spacious offices. You don’t deal with the side dishes like security, cleaning, internet speed, stationary, and hundreds of others. You focus on your projects, operations, networking, and the result is productivity.


"Create” is a strong Call to Action. Business Owners should be Creators. You need to collect all the thoughts, emotions, and information in a pot, which is your memory, and distill, come up with ideas, which are profitable. I am not romantically saying “authentic”.

In CoWorking Spaces, you live in others’ creations. Others are not your colleagues, who may show conflict of interest. Lack of conflict makes your creativity boosted.


General costs are nightmare of all businesses.

In CoWorking Spaces, it “feels like” you don’t pay for electricity, heating, water, internet, and so many others. So just calculate and compare. Don’t underestimate the comfort of dealing with only one invoice. Cheers to accountants!

Private & Shared Office

How many meeting rooms you need to work properly? I guess couple meeting rooms are now empty. All the projectors, monitors, tables, chairs are waiting for depreciation.

Today, in CoWorking Spaces you just book a meeting room, a desk, or a space to meet with others for a certain time. Are you going to make a video call, just take your laptop and switch to next door? So simple.

Work-Life Balance

When you carry your business to a CoWorking Space, you save lots of time. But how?

Mostly CoWorking Spaces are in zones that are reachable by public transportation, close to restaurants, coffeehouses, shops, and services. Need to go to supermarket after work? Here you go, even without moving your car from the parking lot. Need to buy some cosmetics? The beauty shop is next door.

Even not trying to find a parking lot in front of a supermarket is a blessing. Enjoy the extra time, pet your cat!


I frequently attend to webinars, online courses, video calls. I eventually find myself staring at my screen at 11 pm. Coffee in hand, avoiding being seen as sleepy. You too, right? Cause you are at home.

CoWorking Spaces are 7/24 and all the utilities are functioning. Many of them have branches on different locations. You simply be there and plug-in. No hustles of daily life, both personal and professional.

Networking & Collaboration

CoWorking Spaces are living places. Besides your colleagues, you see and chit chat with other business owners. The first question is “What do you do?” You answer like “digital marketing” and the conversation flows. I see them as kick-off meetings.

Being on the same space frequently for a long time ease the communication and believe me people promote your business to their stakeholders sincerely. This is mouth-to-mouth marketing, isn’t it?

It is time to discuss the Cons leading Business Owners to new Opportunities.


Cons turned into Opportunities

Branding - Unprofessional Office Address

For Business Owners, their brand is everything. To be named as “unprofessional” may ruin years of hard work. Newsflash! Working at CoWorking Space is trending. This shows that you are open to change, and challenges.

Did you build a weak brand that will be ruined by an address? If so, here is a wake-up call. You have to work more on your branding. This time you will not start with a blank canvas, you have a foundation.

Time Management - Distractions

Have you ever heard of Pomodoro Technique? It is a time management system simply to work for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break. To work at a CoWorking Space gives you a great Opportunity to apply this technique and optimize your efficiency as well as productivity.

Efficiency - Lack of Customization

Optimize and customize your needs and unnecessary stuff. Request services that will affect your business only. You will notice that in the past, you overused your resources for unprofitable services. As deep as you optimize you will be in a higher level of customizing.

Privacy - Shared Connections

In an open space, you never know who will walk behind you curiously checking what you are up to. Secure your belongings and your work. This should be a general rule in your all life, nothing special for CoWorking Spaces.

Self-protection means "digitally protected" in the modern life. No animal will kick your shelter, right? In any case, a secured internet connection, Wi-Fi is a must. Investment on Packet Filters, Stateful Inspection and Proxy Server Firewalls is crucial. Invest on your security rather than decoration which is supplied by CoWorking Space already.

Space Management - Lack of Exclusivity

CoWorking spaces' layout are drawn by architectures and structural engineers using software. In many offices room capacity is never calculated. It is just a new employee added and just add a table.

CoWorking spaces follow the international rules in which you and your colleagues are not squeezed:

Common areas 8 – 10 square meter per person. Conference rooms 2.5-3 square meter per person. Executive offices 9 - 15 square meter. Open workstations 6 - 11 square meter per person.

Planning - Shared Offices

Endless Meetings end in CoWorking Spaces. Time is money and you should be responsible enough to pass the meeting room to your neighbors. We forget time easily in the comfort of our meeting rooms. “Let’s have one more cup of coffee” ends here. Resources well used.

Community - Customer Service

CoWorking Spaces are forms of Communities. They are focused on to keep and boost the sense of belonging. They organize workshops, seminars to make you come to their space. Spending a realizable time in a workshop triggers creativity senses and then coming back to your desk to your beloved laptop, you use the same senses on productivity and creativity.

7 pros - 7 cons - 7 Opportunities

The Three Compartment Technique©

Majority loves the comfort of working from home, mainly just dressed up for Zoom or Sessions Calls. Result is lack of social life and psychological effects aren’t the subject of this piece.

I have a hybrid working model. I work at a CoWorking Space for three days (Mon, Wed, Fri) and rest at home. My productivity and creativity are boosted.

I highly recommend you to carry your business to a CoWorking Space.

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