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Easiest way to homemade cat grass

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Spring has come and our houses and balconies have started to be decorated with colorful flowers. While we were taking an eye bath in colors, the smells began to spread around us. So, our lovely roommates, did you feel a revival in our furry cuteness amulet meow meows simultaneously?

Every pot of sharks approaching their prey, gliding, approaching the flower pot between the eyebrows and the eye, little larks as if to say "what am I itching about here, what is it?" and our cats who have a duty to repeatedly paw at the leaves as they chase...

Eating grass of the cat helps their digestive system. With the folic acid they take, they get rid of the feather balls that disturb their stomachs by vomiting. With the laxative effect of weed, feather balls passed from the stomach to the intestines are also easily thrown from their bodies.

I wrote how we fight against cat digestive system disease Megacolon, please have a look.

If your cat looks at you as "what if it's me or those flowers you love so much"and you feel remorse every time you chase it,the easy solution is homemade cat grass. Speaking of which, this is how you managed to get my cat Tediki away from my pots. Those with a g erect for cat grass are cotton, closed egg carton and chickpeas...

DIY chickenpea homemade

Place cotton on each egg eye, as is done in the same school projects. Soak the cotton a little with water.

Watch out! Put a plate underneath as the carton will easily throw the water out. Now place the chickpeas in the eyes in 2 - 3 each and soak them again, putting cotton on them.

Close the lid and place it in a hot sun-drenched environment. Do not forget to water as the cotton dries.

You will see chickpeas sprout in 3 days, and within a week the branches form. Your cat will eat processed chickpea leaves like flying lace with an appetite.

Your cat's cicer arietinum is ready!

Enjoy your meal!!!

Photo Credit: author Gabriel González

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