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Everything is for Ukraine! Все для України!

Photo Credit: Andrzej Harassek

My grand grandparent was born in Bakhchysarai (totally Turkish it means palace in garden), Crimea. They fled to Shumen, Bulgaria. My grandparents were only children when they came to Istanbul in 1920’s.

I visited Kyiv (Kiev) in 2019 and a real emotional connection is formed. I have worked in Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Turkmenistan, I can easily say that Kyiv was different. I saw more educated, happier, open society on the streets.

In the beginning of January, I was so worried for my friends in Kazakhstan.

I wrote to my friends asking if there are big political protests, and their lives are in danger. I was relieved with their answers. Although internet was cut, it was getting calm and much better. All protests were caused by bandits, gangsters, and criminals killing people, smashing trade centers and shops.

Now we are at the last days of short February and Ukraine is under heavy attack of Putin.

Cartography Credit: Alex Khristov

News from Ukraine and videos coming from Ukrainians are making me so sad. You may say they are provocative, one sided and targeting our emotions. Yes they are but this doesn't change the cold truth that there is a war and all they wrote are for their own morality too.

Kyiv is such a holy city. She has two heritage sites listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. I can't imagine a bomb destroying these beauties.

Saint Sophia Cathedral by Rbrechko - Own work

Kyiv Cave Monastery

Saint Sophia Cathedral and Kyiv Cave Monastery in Lavra Monastery Complex. I was there in a cold snowy day, and I think this is the spirit of the city.

Motherland Statue is on the hills of Kyiv. She is carrying a sword and a shield in her hands. That represents the power of Ukrainians fighting for their country and freedom.

Photo Credit: Maxim Shemetov

Sadly, her skirt is a museum of WW2. The national park is decorated with monuments and sculptures showing a nation fighting.

From 1945 to 2022

During WW2, Ukraine joined Red Army to fight against Nazis. The history is switched and now on February, 2022 Germany is sending weapons to Ukraine as a military aid against Russians.

There is war again. There are people dying, expositions around and we are reading tweets and watching videos from our smart phones. Not much changed since we watched the beginning of a war on 16–17 January 1991. It was Gulf War.

This is war and a new leader is born: President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

I'm ashamed of myself since I was questioning Ukrainians by selecting a comedian as their president.

Today I see a leader who has a degree in law from the Kyiv National Economic University willing to take international actions like applying to International Court of Justice.

He uses social media effectively and I think efficiently. Ukraine is fighting not only with weapons but with words also. I'm a sceptic person and will follow his actions in the coming days.

This video is a proof that he is in Kyiv since he is talking in front of the Art Nouveau Gorodetsky building with chimeras and sculptures of mythical animals. This building is one of the iconic symbol of Kyiv.

President Zelenskyy's speech on Youtube addressed to the Russian people was very impressive. Russian is his first language but they say he switched to Ukrainian time to time.

Here is the link: President Zelenskyy's speech

Let's shout out to all faces rubbing their hands thinking that they can gain from war:

Peace at home, peace in the world

I was in Uber riding to Boryspil International Airport and all of a sudden a song started on the radio.

This is also the theme of this post. Scorpions - Wind Of Change

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