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Florida Keys Reaching Forth to Havana

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Florida Keys are lined up tropical islands from Miami to Gulf of Mexico reaching forth to Havana. They are located on a string of 193 km from Miami and just 169 km sailing you reach to Havana.

Being a non-Spanish speaker, I would never think that the original name of Key West is Cayo Hueso meaning bone island. Cayo Hueso is pronounced like Key West really. Check here.

Why Bone Island, here is why

Havana is Habana. This “b” “v” letters replacing each other deserve a study coming from language families through Middle Asia and so on. I’m a linguist and have a great interest in anthropology. We are all linked.

It is a common mistake to change the original name of locations to govern. I think it is a political game. By changing the name, you cut the link to its history, and it is a true show of disrespect.

Miami Ocean Drive is the coastline where all the hotels and bars are located. Fancy place to be. If you are not a big fan of just sunbathing and swimming, Orlando and Key West are good options to explore more to enjoy the nature and entertainment alternatives.

When you start your journey from Miami, first you pass Everglades National Park. A real heaven. Home of alligators and all other tropical species. So, you see traffic signs saying: Gator Crossing!

The road to Key West is driving on sea through bridges near to old railway and reaching an island and driving on sea again. The landscape is gorgeous! All tones of Blue and Green!

Image by Mia2you via Shutterstock

Of course, you don’t land to 1.700 islands, but you pass Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine, and the Lower Keys, and reach to Key West.

Key West is a tropical island looking like a theme park, quite well reserved buildings, streets and souvenir shops. Lobster and seafood restaurant with balconies. It made me happy to be there. I felt free.

In Key West Aquarium, I pet a Nurse Shark, only touched the tails. Very tanned and leathery.

I used to visit aquarium and zoo. I swam with dolphins but now I know what these places are for animals. Please see my confession statement.

Image by Joe Parks

Keys means fishing and when there is fish there are the pelicans, herons and other birds. Just stop killing animals for fun. Hate this.

Ernest Hemingway is a common value for Key West and Havana since he has houses on both. He wrote his famous novels there. It is a pleasure to say that I have been on both houses.

Hemingway's house as you see blow is a Spanish colonial home at 907 Whitehead Street in 1931. He stayed eight years. It is now Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum.

Hemingway's house photo credit Andreas Lamecker

Ernest was a cat lover and also loved to drink daiquiri and mojito. I mentioned in my previous blog: Puff a Cigar, Take a Sip of Mojito regarding Cuba about his famous bars:

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.

Up to now I wrote two blogs regarding Cuba and Florida Keys. I wonder if there will be third one.

All I know is that living a huge city, it is my right to think and dream about these Heavens on Earth.

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Some photos from my visit to Florida

Me and Cat: I'm so frustrated that I didn't purchase this cat from Orlando.

Orlando: Universal Studios Jaws

In front of Colony Hotel, Ocean Drive, Miami

My eyes searched for Don Johnson from Miami Vice with a cocktail in his hands.

Disney Downtown Legoland

Shhh, he is sleeping.

Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral

I will never forget IMAX theater showing the training of NASA astronauts.

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