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How I Became "Persona non Grata"

Fragmentary Colossal Head of a Youth

How a non-diplomat like me became a Persona non Grata, well almost!

Why I’m obsessed with being a Persona non Grata? What is the correlation between me and Ziad Jarrah terrorist pilot on 9/11? This is my journey from Dubai to Florida.

I'm a Gemini, mindblowing ideas are normal

Persona non Grata is someone who has a status sometimes applied by a host country to foreign diplomats to remove their protection by diplomatic immunity from arrest and other normal kinds of prosecution.

First of all, I’m not a diplomat. Secondly, never attended to be one.

Playmobil Healthcare Professionals

I worked in international healthcare projects and sales, meaning in a range of USA to Kazakhstan, for 22 years.

Healthcare is a sector where you meet professionals from diplomacy, local authorities, construction, utility services and healthcare itself.

Since Turkey is a conjunction between Europe and Asia, healthcare companies named me and my company sometimes European and sometimes Middle Eastern. Well, maybe it is a good time to visit my website / lifestyle

Anyway, I wanted to explain shortly that I had the chance to travel to different countries on different zones depending on how my country is named.

My visit to Dubai, UAE

Emirates Towers

I traveled Dubai twice for technical training. I’m not a technical person but my English put me on the spot to be the translator of my colleagues.

I’m so grateful for my years tired of doing homework, papers, writing essays and watching quite interesting visual education programs. I saw Bournemouth and studied there for 5 weeks parallel to these learning English activities.

Let’s keep Dubai in mind. A totally artificial, unearthly city.

In the meantime, my company was the mechanical subcontractor in Libya. You might well know, to enter to Libya you must have your passport details in Arabic. I wanted to visit the site, so I had my identification page on Arabic as the last page of my passport.

My visit to Florida, USA

Lego - Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse

On 2000, I won a lottery for a long-distance plane ticket and wanted to see Florida.

Why? Because I’m a big fan of World Disney and the entertainment parks in Orlando. Of course, Miami, Key West are my beloved tropical destinations.

9/11 Tribute of Lights, Grand Zero
9/11 Tribute of Lights representing North and South Towers of World Trade Center

9/11 Terrorist Speaks Arabic and Trained in Florida

Do you remember the terrorists who were flying over World Trade Center and other targets. Detailed report of National Committee on Terrorist Attack Upon the United States on 9/11 tells lot. Chapter 7 - The Attack Looms

I wanted you to focus just one of the terrorists.

Ziad is Lebanese, born in 1975. He was from “Hamburg cell”, formed by two others planning the attack, while attending Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in 1990s. Ziad trained at Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida as a pilot.

Ziad trained at Huffman Aviation
Ziad trained at Huffman Aviation

Do You See the Correlation

Ziad has a Lebanese passport in Arabic.

I do visit Dubai and have passport information in Arabic since I wanted to visit hospital construction at Tripoli, Libya.

Ziad trained in Florida between June 2000 to January 2001.

I was in Florida in October 2000.

I'm so proud to announce that I'm a Gemini, born on 13th of June.

I was so afraid that I would not get USA visa and called non-diplomat persona non grata!

Theme Song of Post: Leonard Cohen – On That Day

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