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Is It a Curse or a Blessing?

I'm talking about being a Gemini

If you say it is a curse, that means you are NOT a Gemini but you have been a victim of one.

I'm a 100% Gemini. Born on the 13th of June and having a rising sign of Gemini, I'm blessed twice.

Just yesterday I was watching a play and the actor said exactly this:

Ohhh, you didn't say that you want to marry a Gemini. Impossible

I assume the scriptwriter is making a joke to a friend or directly to herself.

In any case 😈

Still, I believe it is a great flavor to be a Gemini. I never got bored. If I feel something or somebody is boring, I force myself to stay but this is never a good idea. It gets ugly. No, I don't make other's life miserable, I make "my life" miserable so it is better to keep a distance. 😊

In reality, I continue my life with all my perceptions clearly, being a sign of twins -I wink at my astrology posts here- I do not approach different subjects with the same hunger, I’m an enthusiastic learner, and do not grasp them quickly which helps. Writing is also a distinct taste, so I’m writing content.

Twins may talk too much or write with many words but actually, I can communicate with little, really little.

The key point is that you will never get bored when a Gemini is around.

Theme Song of the Post: Billy Ocean - Suddenly

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