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OPPA 오빠 to all! Regardless of Gender!

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

OPPA 오빠 is meant to be said to older brothers but I liked the sound of the word and how Koreans use the word to express their sincerity.

So OPPA means love in burcutediki’s vocabulary.

Koreans show respect to each other in a certain way, they bow before each other. There is a guideline how to do it. Non-Koreans are generally mistaken in positioning their hands. Benedict Cumberbatch harshly warned to make it correct.

Their respect to elderly and deceased ones affects me deeply. Remarkable.

They place a photo of the deceased and offer food, fruits, tea. I understand there is a certain spot of each pot. They talk to them, eat and drink in their presence. Jesa memorial ceremony is delicate to watch.

Jesa Photo credits: Inkas

When an elderly person is tired, youngster carries them on their back. This is interesting to see. We do carry the bags of elderly people but not themselves. Maybe it is a habit of urban lifestyle.

Would you like to wear a Hanbok? My answer is definitely yes! I’m a pink, red and white I would wear a Hanbok in these colours. I saw modern Hanboks, they are also fashionable and attractive.

Eyelids matter for Koreans. I heard man with two eyelids are taking great attention by girls. Eyelid operation called "Double Eyelid" is number one plastic surgery type in Korea.

And girls with small faces have a privilege.

When a boy loves a girl, proposing her to be his girlfriend is so important. I saw some bowing before her, ready to hold her hand. So sweet.

Koreans love to eat and drink. so difficult to pronounce the name of the food but drink is easy Soju.

I will try Soju. It is always in green bottles with a transparent look. High alcohol level. Three habits attracted me. First girls are quite good drinkers. It is so nice to have them liberate. Second, it is rude to leave your companion to serve their own drink. As a third, once you have your shot filled, you turn side as if you are hiding your sip.

Group of Koreans around a barbecue grilling meat in general and drinking Soju, this is my Korean icon.

And the landscapes. The islands, coastline, mountains, forests so beautiful so colorful. Never forget the Cherry Trees with pink leaves falling. So romantic.

I learned all these from Korean K-dramas, reality shows documentaries, and K-Pop.

Korean’s biggest marketing success story is endorsed with Netflix.

My favorites


Start Up, Cha Cha Cha Hometown, Dodosolsollalasol

K-Reality Show & Documentary

Paik's Spirit, Twogether, The Hungery and The Hairy

The last but not least is Korean Food. One day I will travel to Korea but South Korea and enjoy this beautiful country full of culture, traditions, food and drinks. Nice people too.seoul

Kimchi © Magdalena Bujak Alamy Stock Photo, Bibimbap © Brent Hofacker Alamy Stock Photo, Sweet egg sandwich © Hajime NAKANO Wikimedia Commons, Gimbap © Manda_wong Flickr, Bulgogi © Sergii Koval Alamy Stock Photo, Naengmyeon Photo credit wjlee4284, Samgyeopsal, Gamja Hotdog, Fried Chicken Photo credit Maangchi, Mandu Beyond Kimchee, Ganjang Gejang Dongdaemun Sunmine Hengbok, Tteokbokki Serious Eats Vicky Wasik

Theme Song of Post: Aegukga South Korea National Anthem

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