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Puff a Cigar, Take a Sip of Mojito

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Hasta Siempre in ears, a cigar between fingers and a glass of mojito in hand, I’m in Cuba.

This is Daiquiri I prefer Mojito

I have a mission on my mind. Smoke or rather take a breath from a cigar, drink mojito, hasta siempre in my ears and if I die, die happily right away.

Why thinking of dying? Because I’m a non-smoker.

I did all and still alive!

Cuba is my dreamland, I was there, I walked on its streets, tasted its food, and breathed its air but I think it was just a dream. Illusion. Act of my mind.

Cuba has a sole.

Cuba is wild but delicate

Cuba is not America, I said to native Cubans. I saw the sorrow on their faces. I meant that Cuba is “The America”. They were so much affected by the burden of United States embargo to their country, and I suppose they couldn’t know that I read and watched documentaries about their history.

Politically Cuba is an alien country. I know Castro and romantically connected to Che, having asthma but fighting on mountains, operating with basic dentist tools.

I was so naive to think that Cuba would be just one of the countries I visited. Somewhere on the list to be remembered.

I was so wrong.

Now I’m feeling that I have taken a part of Cuban sole back home.

Cuba nourished my soul.

To be honest, to read The Old Man and the Sea was almost killing me 😊 Years later, I had the chance to visit Ernest Hemingway’s houses in Key West, Florida and Havana, Cuba.

Don’t worry I drank daiquiris in Floridita and mojitos in La Bodeguita del Medio.

I have a check list for every country. I do same things over and over again.

- Purchase and read Eyewitness Travel Guide

- Find your hotel room

- Disappear without a trace (if I'm travelling in a group)

- Walk on the streets

- Eat local food, drink local beverages

- Visit museums

I did all.

In Cuba, there is one additional aspect:

- Listen to music and dance

Although still I’m a non-smoker, I confess I only smoke Romeo y Julieta Cuban Cigars. A habit started in Cuba. I said to myself: I would rather die but I want to smoke Cuba cigars. I do if I feel the vibe.

I’m trying to feel the same mindfulness here in Istanbul. Many components are missing.

Living close to sea is not enough. It should be an ocean.

Listening to Ibrahim Ferrer – Dos Gardenias is not enough. Buena Vista Social Club should be playing live in a bar in Havana. (Chan Chan is famous so they were surprised when I asked for Dos Gardenias.)

I love you Cuba.

The Theme Song of this post is: Ibrahim Ferrer – Dos Gardenias Buena Vista Social Club

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