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Why do I so in love with Gothic Cathedrals?

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Salesbury Cathedral

It all started with a question addressed to my class in 1988. I was in Anatolian High School. I was (and always will) sitting at the first roll.

Question was:

Ask your parents, who would like to send you to a summer course in Bournemouth, UK for a summer course. For 5 weeks in July – August.

My answer was:

We are only 14 years old. Who can dare to send their child to UK?

I was the first one registered by my parents.

Do you know the tiny line between being smart and dull? I’m a good hopscotcher on this subject. You can see me writing an article about literature history and two seconds later if you ask me the alphabet, I cannot find which letter follows the other.

I love myself. I lol to myself than anybody else. There are several good examples I will tell you in my blog. No shame!

Anyway, at 10th of July 1988, I was at the plane flying to Bournemouth with my friends, teachers, and families. No, my parents didn’t accompany me.

I was alone.

Pier with a swimming pool and disco

Well, I will say it anyway, I’m a Gemini. Born on 13th June. I am “air”. So, my mind flies faster than a plane. I can pack my things in 5 min, and be in a totally different country, happy and sound.

All I need is passport, money, some cloths. Sweater, shawl, and socks are must. As you can understand I love air conditioner at the planes and hate to be cold. On the contrary, although I’m a summer baby, I hate sun and be hot. See I’m a true blood Gemini.

You will read lots of these contradictions in my blog. The twins living underneath my skin.

You experienced my second biggest characteristics. I love to talk, and I write like I talk and lost the plot. I saw many eyes looking at me lost. Then like a cat I shake my head and move on.

I have three cats now: Felix, Che, and Puffy- My love Tediki passed away at May, 2015

And a quick back to trip to Bournemouth.

We landed to Heathrow Airport, from a sunny Istanbul to rainy London. I stayed five weeks in UK, and I saw sun just for two days. People rushed to beaches and gardens like NewYorkers running away from extraterrestrials in Tom Cruise movie, War of Worlds. It was a bad movie though.

Anyway, it was planned that we will stay with British families so we would practice our English.

I was a guest, so we bought nice Turkish coffee set with a classic Turkish pattern from Kutahya, city known for its porcelain as a present. We added Turkish coffee and pot to the set so ready to cook.

When I was transferred to my host family, I learned that the landlady is from Istanbul. To be precise, she was our neighbor just two train station away. My present became nostalgic.

Good thing is that she didn’t one word Turkish to me. Thanks to her. She was a hardworking lady with one daughter. She was a director at Thomas Cook travel agency. I checked it out Thomas Cook travel agency collapsed after 178 years of operation. They say the reason is Brexit mainly.

Please join me in my blog – Bournemouth, UK days to read more of my adventures in 1988 summer.

Let’s concentrate to our topic: Why do I so in love with Gothic Cathedrals?

In 1988, I was in England for a summer course to practice my English. I was 100% sure about my English since I had a great prep class with really enthusiastic teachers. I read lots of classic in English. Love them all. To be honest, to read The Old Man and the Sea was almost killing me.

Years later, I had the chance to visit Ernest Hemingway’s houses in Key West, Florida and Havana, Cuba. Don’t worry I drank daiquiris in Floridita and mojitos in La Bodeguita del Medio. Although I’m a non-smoker, I confess I only smoke Romeo y Julieta Cuban Cigars. A habit started in Cuba. I said to myself: I would rather die but I want to smoke Cuba cigars. I do if I feel the vibe. I will tell you those few moments, and people I smoke with.

My English was excellent, I was happy to be the cultural ambassador of Istanbul. No kidding, I felt that way.

We were making daily trips by bus around Bournemouth: Poole, Bath, Swan, Oxford, and soon we traveled to London. By a coincidence, Turkey’s president was visiting Buckingham Palace and I was there watching the cortege. Queen’s horses were incredible. Flags hanging on the trees at the Red Mall was eye catching.

My lifetime interest was to the Gothic Cathedral I was from the bus window. I saw only the tip of the bell tower. I fell in love.

I’m an enthusiastic learner, I have the principle to read and travel. In my all personal and business trips I prefer to visit UNESCOs Heritage Sites, Museums, local restaurants, and as you see in me & my life sources.

So, it all started with a minute long scene at a bus window. In years I visited many Gothic Cathedrals, some are here:

Theme Song of Post: Blame It On the Boogie, The Jacksons

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